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Warning: Don't install ANY Other "Popup-Stopper" without reading this!

Dear Friend;

I HATE those popup ads, just like you do. There are more and more popping up every day, and it's time to stop!

And although there are quite a few "Popup Stoppers" available, there are SERIOUS PROBLEMS with a lot of them! That's why I developed the "Ultimate Popup Killer" and am giving it away FREE to you.

Here are the problems with other "Popup Stoppers" on the market:

  1. Doesn't Block Enough Popups - Most supposed "popup killers" in reality let lots of popups slip through! Our Ultimate Popup Killer is "extra strength" for when you really want to stop popups. (And better yet - when you want a specific popup to occur, just hold down the "Ctrl" key to let it through - easy!)

  2. Uses Too Much System Resources
    - Most popup killers load into your computer's memory even if you're not going online! The Ultimate Popup Killer only starts when you open your Internet Explorer browser window.

  3. Slows Down Your Web Surfing - Even though popup killers are supposed to help you surf the web easier, some of them actually slow down your browser! Ultimate Popup Killer is a very small program - you won't even know it's running (except that you won't be seeing annoying popup ads any more :-)

  4. Costs Money After The Free Trial! - Sure, they say "free" when you download them, but 10 days later they're automatically disabled unless you dig deep for your wallet! Make no mistake - The Ultimate Popup Killer is 100% FREEWARE... Enjoy :-)

  5. Too Complicated To Use - You don't need confusing, unnecessary options and things that can screw up if you don't do it exactly right... You just want to block the popup windows you don't want, and see the things you DO want - And that's what the Ultimate Popup Killer does.

Here's All You Need To Use The Ultimate Popup Killer:

System Requirements:

  • Running Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, or higher
  • Using Internet Explorer 5 or higher (Sorry Netscape users, but popup killers don't work consistently for Netscape)

That's it! - You can turn off the Ultimate Popup Killer for individual Internet sessions if you like, and you can uninstall it with the click of a button if you start getting lonely after not seeing all those annoying popups - As if that's going to happen! (grin)

Please note that with the free version of Ultimate Popup Killer, by agreeing to the terms and conditions of installing the software, your home page will be re-set to, our search resource page, while you have Ultimate Popup Killer installed. In exchange, we are able to keep Ultimate Popup Killer 100% free to you! :-)

Click Here To Download It Now - And Say Goodbye To Popup Ads For Good!

P.S. -The Ultimate Popup Killer contains no spyware, it does not track what you do, it is not ad supported, there is no additional software bundled with it. It just does what it's supposed to: Stops Popups Dead.

If you've already downloaded the Ultimate Popup Killer and have questions,
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